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The Computer Clinic Services

Computer Sales and Networking Support

We take the time to do extensive research to ensure The Computer Clinic stays up to date with the latest computing technology.

It is this commitment to our research that allows us to work with you to find the perfect IT setup that caters to your specific needs, at a competitive price. Read More…

IT Network System Design and Consultation

The Computer Clinic design and implement computer systems to meet your short term and long term needs. We take the time to sit with you and clearly determine what you need your IT system to do for your business.

We listen to how you use your resources, what problems you have been facing, how you are storing data and your future growth plans. From here, we work with you to design and implement a system that delivers results.

Computer Hardware Audit

Anyone can create a repair manual for a device, but not everyone understands what is actually required to manage and maintain a reliable IT system.

We take the pain and frustration out of this by maintaining thorough records of your business’s IT inventory, software and other critical IT resources so you can focus on what’s important in your business. Read More…

Mobile App Development

It has been projected that over 2.5 billion people will have a smartphone by 2018.

Don’t be left in the past, have our team create an app for your business! Read More…

Business IT Computer Services

Whether your business is just starting out, or you’ve been in your industry for years, we can lead you in the right direction when it comes to computers and technology. Read More…

Social Media and Internet Marketing

For years major brands such as Bristol Paints, Enhanced Finance, BookEzy and more have relied on the expertise of The Computer Clinic to promote their brand online. The Computer Clinic can help you drive leads and results for your business, so that you can focus on taking care of business. Read More…

Website Design and Ecommerce Development

We know how important it is for your business to be online 24/7. Whether you’re wanting a basic website to a more complex Ecommerce platform, our website design team will create a completely customizable solution that showcases your business and appeals to your customers. Read More…

Computer Repair and IT Network Service

We offer a range of services from preventative maintenance to full calibration, cleaning, and repair. Read More…

Computer Virus Removal and Updates

We can remove quickly and efficiently computer viruses and recover your data so you can keep moving. Read More…

Cloud and CRM Solutions

Today more than ever our businesses need to be portable and have the ability to file share on the go, track leads and manage clients. we understand the importance of not just a good CRM, but a GREAT ONE, one that provides you with the tools and insights to profitably operate your business. We make sure your CRM system provides you with the information you need in a way that delivers answers and results fast. Read More…

Office Setups

We can have your office set up and ready for the day you move in!

Have you recently moved office, or were you thinking about moving office? Here at the Computer Clinic, we provide a consultation service where we can design, install and setup all of your office IT systems hassle free! We allow you to get straight into running your business rather than worrying about which cable goes where. Get your free consultation today…

Data Recovery

Accidently lost your data?

Don’t worry our team of experts know how to recover lost and erased files. Just when you thought that important proposal or report for your boss or client was lost and you had to start again, don’t worry you haven’t, we can help you find it! Read More…

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The Computer Clinic is a one stop shop for everything IT, from consultation and design, to implementation and support, Social Media and Website SEO and Marketing, we'll take great care of you.

About Us

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The Computer Clinic is a “One Stop Computer and IT Resource Specialist” that is focused on looking after your business’s needs.

Since the early 1990’s, Our team of experts have been taking the hassle out of IT technology problems and providing you, our clients with easy to manage and reliable IT solutions that have been specifically tailored to your needs.

Our secret is that we sit with you and take the time listen to what you and your business needs. Next we provide provide you with a cost effective solution and as part of our ongoing commitment, put an IT management process into place so you can start work everyday comfortable in the knowledge that your IT system will support you.

Here are just some of our satisfied clients

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