Repair and Service

Computer repairs and servicing

Is your computer not turning on?


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Does your computer have a computer virus?

Don’t go looking for advice on how to fix it from an unreliable source like Google. You’ll more than likely damage your computer beyond repair when all you had to do was give the team at The Computer Clinic a call!

We’ll do a comprehensive check over your PC, and then give you a call providing you with the results from our finding. Whether it’s okay to repair, or time to upgrade your computer, our professionals will get you working away on your PC in no time.

Computer maintenance and cleaning

We offer a fully comprehensive blow cleaning service for all Desktop PC’s to ensure that your PC is at a reduced risk of hardware failure. Dust and particles build up inside your system over time, causing the heat generated to remain inside the system.

This can lead to your PC overheating causing components to fail. This is a major preventative procedure that is overlooked by many due to the risks of damaging the hardware. Lucky for you, we are professionals here at the computer clinic and can guarantee to remove all the dust and particles inside, without damaging your PC’s hardware.

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If your PC is playing up Don’t Throw It Away!

We can repair most computer problems.

Your precious data is still on there!

Contact us and we will go to all lengths to help you retrieve as much of that data as we can. Your major problem is part of what we do. We are expertly educated in the art of both hardware and software of computers, so we can even prevent you from unnecessarily purchasing a new computer when yours is up to scratch. Although if you do want to purchase/upgrade your computer we can help with that too!


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